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Dave Wooten | Speech at the Inauguration of Mayor Andrew Bradshaw


On Monday January 4th, 2021 Andrew Bradshaw was sworn in as Mayor of the City of Cambridge, MD in front of the historic courthouse and a socially-distanced crowd. Among the innaugural speakers was former Cambridge Mayor Dave Wooten representing Maryland State Comptoller Peter Franchot. This is his speech:

I am here to represent comptroller Peter Franchot. He is an enthusiastic representative for our State, and visits here frequently. He serves the people with distinction and dedication, and is always available to the business community. The Comptroller extends warm best wishes to our new Mayor and Council. It's a privilege to represent him here today. This is a wonderful occasion for the City of Cambridge. Not only do we stand on the threshold of a new year, but also new elected leadership. I have always felt we have the potential as a community for greatness. I still do.

I met Mayor Bradshaw during his campaign, and was highly impressed with his organizational ability. He will st a standard of excellence that all of us will be proud of. I join Comptroller Franchot in extending him warm best wishes for every success. In addition, a new Council also begins their service today. Each of them bring a unique set of skills and talents that will help in building a positive future. Please give this new group your support. Be as quick to offer a compliment as a criticism. Working together, many obstacles can be overcome.

Cooperation, communication and coordination is important. Living in the same community for years it becomes second nature to focus on the negatives. I have an important news flash to share, every community has problems. The difference is made and things improve when they are addressed. Cambridge has many positives. There is no reason why we should not become one of the best places in the state to live , work and raise a family. Each new election produces a change and the incoming group builds on the foundation of those who preceded them. Personally, I appreciated the leadership of Mayor Jackson-Stanley and the outgoing Council. Their efforts too, made a difference.

I join with all those who believe in Cambridge. Say something positive about your hometown. If someone speaks of it negatively, point out something positive. Be a cheerleader for Cambridge. Public service is never easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. Your voice, your interest and your involvement are important. Out of all of the places on the planet I'm glad my parents raised us right here!

Mayor Bradshaw and members of the City council, congratulations again on your success, I believe Cambridge is going to prosper in the years ahead under your leadership. Robert Fulton created the steamboat, and when the day arrived forn him to launch it, a group stood on the shoreline and said "You'll never get it going. You'll never get it going. You'll never get t going." He did, and when it started to move along the river, the same crowd ran along side saying: "You'll never get it stopped, you'll never get it stopped, you'll never get it stopped." Together, we can overcome obstacles and contribute to making Cambridge everything it should be.

-- Dave Wooten