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DORiS 8.3 | Andre Hampton | G Herbo | 2.11.21

This week on DORiS we sit down with Andre Hampton. Andre is a musician, grad student and community leader. Years of playing drums in school bands and church services has honed Hampton’s ear and love for music. It’s not all beats, however, he also has a love for lyricism in music. These two components are represented prominently in the work of twenty-five year old Chicago emcee G Herbo Earning him a top-three position in Hampton’s personal list of G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) rappers.

Growing up in Cambridge, MD, Andre has been civically involved in his community from an early age. He was a member of local organizations dedicated to giving children positive alternative activities to do instead of drugs. Lessons learned from his years of service have led him to his current pursuit. He has just begun grad school at UMES where he is studying to be a drug counselor. There he hosts a podcast with his fellow students where he actively engages the student population there in their matters of interest. In doing all of this he says music plays a major role in helping him practice self-care. His childhood was soundtracked by the rhythms of reggae and old school hip-hop, both prevalent influences in the work of G Herbo. The tracks Andre chose are uplifting and motivational and carry a theme of perseverance, all of which are mirrored in Andre’s own story.

This was a really great conversation where I got to learn about to inspiring individuals and hopefully you will too, enjoy the show.

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