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DORiS 8.4 | Omeakia Jackson | Ms. Lauryn Hill

This week on DORiS we sit down with Omeakia Jackson, an author, activist, educator & certified mental health specialist. She works closely with the youth and is a beloved community leader. She brought three tracks by the incredible Ms. Lauryn Hill whose 1998 smash hit The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is still making history today; just this week becoming the first female hip-hop album to be certified Diamond by the RIAA.

The songs she chose were Lost Ones, Superstar & the titular The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Omeakia has seen Lauryn Hill live amount many other music legends such as Mary J Blige, Ginuine, Maxwell & Nas. She says music is apart of her self care. Though her concert going has taken a temporary pause due to Covid, her community activism hasn’t stopped. Between going to school, meeting with clients & organizing an upcoming Youth Expo she has published a new book.

Mommy, What’s A Protest?is the latest release from the acclaimed author. Featuring artwork by Devonna Arrington this is a powerful book made for children but educational for all ages. We will be giving away three signed copies of Mommy What’s A Protest? next week. You can enter to win by subscribing to our YouTube Channel here:


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