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King Kaii, Syncarnified, Danny V, Tray Jones & IV Melrose | DORiS radio | 9.27

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Today on DORiS radio we sit down with recording artist and DORiS Freshman Class Alum King Kaii. Joined in-studio by Syncarnified, Danny V, Tray Jones & IV Melrose, we've come together to celebrate and discuss King Kaii's upcoming release, the highly anticipated Inhale. We had an awesome discussion about the inspirations behind this project, brotherhood and all things Stay Winnen Entertainment.

The follow-up to 2021's Exhale is a crowning declaration of an artist in his zone. King Kaii has steadily morphed and evolved his style since his 2018 debut Stay Winnen, giving us a front row seat to his creative experimentation as he searched for his sound. A search that culminated on Exhale and it's companion EP, Prevail which found him expressing himself fully and boldly. Inhale serves as that album's "other side" or "twin" with Kaii's delivery being more bold and bolstering than on the former. The melodic beats aren't gone completely, but his brasher offerings are front and center here.

"That Code Red was more like a mixtape for real, you feel me. I was still trying to find my sound, I was still in El Paso." -- King Kaii

The excitement of his more aggressive projects like the 2019 mixtape Code Red shows up here matured and refined. There is a new found sense of urgency in his recent work that has been hard-earned through real life trials and situations.

"It really takes real life situations to make your craft the way it is." -- Syncarnified

He uses his mixtapes for sonic experimentation, trying out styles and flows he may not be as comfortable with. Out of that experimentation he selects a few tracks to further tweak for an EP, which serves as a teaser for the direction he plans to take with his album. The direction this time led to a fork in the road which split off into Exhale and Inhale, two sides of the same coin. Yin and Yang. Admittedly more humble and reserved on Exhale, Kaii exclaims this time around "YOU GON FEEL THIS!"

"I used to be on some humble type time, but I gotta pop real quick." -- King Kaii

The triumphant instrumentation of tracks like Pac's Son marching over timely lyrics reflect an artist in full control of his craft. His sonic experimentation is at its height here while retaining the sense of earnest and maturity of Revived. The irresistible rhythms of tracks like runtz are radio bangers sure to serve as the soundtrack for many drunk summer nights. His storytelling shines on Stars, Nun To Prove is an instant ear-worm daring you to keep up, and the anthemic No Loyalty belongs on every workout playlist. This album is a full meal that'll leave you stank-faced from beginning to end. This is definitely one you don't wanna miss, so go make sure you're following and subscribed to King Kaii on your preferred streaming platform and then blast some of his old music while we wait to Inhale.

-- Peace and Love,


"Bitch I'm bout it. Ain't nun to prove." -- King Kaii