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DORiS 8.7 | Quey Hefner & Prince Burgundy | The DORiS Conversation | 3.11.21

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

🎱 This week on DORiS we sit down with Quey Hefner @quey_hyq_hefner & Prince Burgandy two recording artists based in Salisbury. Both multifaceted creatives, businessmen, producers, models & writers. We discussed three of Quey’s songs: “Morbid”, “ Authentic” & “Vent”, self-care, and the “New Normal” of pandemic life.

Throughout the pandemic Quey Hefner has spent his time motivating others to engage in healthy exercise for their mind and body as a fitness coach. Through using social media he’s been able to take his coaching to a wider audience. One that has seen him go through the stages of recovering and rebuilding over the last couple years. Following a horrendous encounter that left him brutally beaten, followed by the tragic loss of his grandfather immediately after, Hefner fell into a deep depression. He battled this physically in the gym and mentally through his music.

Tracks like “Morbid” reflect the dark thoughts he fought to suppress while dealing with a body in repair. “Vent” gives voice to his frustration, anger & disappointment. And he found solace in confiding in his close friends such as Prince Burgandy. Quey also started going to therapy. This is an area that the two disagree on how to deal with. Prince Burgandy comes from a tight knit household where family business is family business, something that many of us can relate to. As a result of this he doesn’t feel comfortable having a dialogue with a stranger about personal matters. He prefers to either deal with it himself or discuss it with family and friends such as Quey. This is a common occurance specifically in communities of color, so we wanted to hear from both sides about how they practice self-care and the pros and cons of traditional vs. non non-traditional therapy.

Their discourse is one that I think will be particularly helpful, specifically for those who are less inclined to seek out traditional methods, because it’s still an important matter, and having alternative methods could make a big difference. Given the current state of the world people are much more isolated from each other. This leads to spikes in rates of depression, which in many cases goes untreated. Alternative treatment options such as excerise, writing & communicating with friends and family are important for everyone, but that importance is heightened for those who aren’t attending therapy regularly. We had a great time and learned a lot, hopefully you will too.

Peace and love always,


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