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TOWN H@LL Is Now In Session

Following a historic election year that saw a record number of voter turnout amid a global pandemic and social uprisings, the newly elected Mayor and City Council of Cambridge are fully focused on propelling Cambridge forward on a unified path. They are the youngest, most diverse group of officials the city has ever seen and they are eager to connect with and engage as much of the community as possible. In that spirit we have created TOWN H@LL, which is a monthly review and discussion of the City Council meetings and important infromation, issues and events.

The new group consists of Andrew Bradshaw, Mayor, Brian Roche, Ward 1 Commissioner, LaJan Cephas, Ward 2 Commissioner, Jameson Harrington, Ward 3 Commissioner, Sputty Cephas, Ward 4 Commissioner and Chad Malkus, Ward 5 Commisioner.

The program will air on WHCP 101.5FM and the first Wednesday of every month at 11am. It will be moderated by Marco Garcia and Dave Wooten. You can find updates and more info on the TOWN H@LL Facebook page and Instagram, @410townhall

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